Jozef G. Lenders immigrated to the USA as a child with his parents from the Netherlands. At the age of seven, Joe received his first camera, a Kodak 120 film camera with built-in flash. When Joe was nine, he showed such talent with the camera that he took over making the family home movies on 8mm film. The first time Joe was handed a movie camera he knew his future was in media and motion pictures..

Jozef Lenders majored in broadcast communications at Miami Dade College. The college lacked a TV studio so he started his career in broadcasting as a Miami area radio personality and announcer. In 1977 Joe became part of Miami disco history as the emcee and DJ of the Scaramouche, the world renowned discotheque. The job offered Joe huge opportunities allowing him to also work as a recording studio engineer and meet many music industry executives and artists. It is also where Joe met wife to be, Lora. When the first portable video cameras became available in 1979 Joe and college buddy Billy Swann created some of South Florida's first music videos. The excitement of making and screening motion pictures once again renewed Joe's passion for filmmaking. After the disco trend faded Joe designed and installed commercial sound systems under the name Soundtech Systems and took a second job for insurance and benefits with the City of Miami Beach Police Department. After a year working two jobs and saving money, he had enough to start a small studio outside of the competitive Miami market.

It was 1984 and Joe took a leap of faith and married his Scaramouche sweetheart, Lora, and moved his new family to the safer and cleaner Florida West coast. SW Florida's Fort Myers/Cape Coral cities had little or no competition in video and a great deal of opportunity. Once in the area Joe founded 21st Century Video, Cape Coral's first video production company. The company did well and after a little more than a year Joe heard about a new TV station just starting. After a meeting with the fledgling station's management Joe sold his video production company to a beauty college and joined Family Group Broadcasting as an assistant engineer and technical director.

As Family Group Broadcasting began transmitting at television station WFTX-TV36, Joe took a management role at the station. Over his 5 years at WFTX, Joe spearheaded the station's promotions effort as the then independent TV station transitioned to a FOX Network Affiliate. Joe wore many hats at the new FOX station and in addition to being a talented creative producer, Joe established himself as a shrewd media buyer, promotions strategist and publicity expert.

While at an industry convention in 1988, Joe was recruited by the cable advertising company TotalREACH, Inc.. TotalREACH already had successful operations in Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama. The company asked Joe to launch a new SW Florida branch and also offer technical support to their existing North Florida operations.

In 1989 Joe founded VIDEX Corporation. VIDEX was started as a video production company, but quickly grew to add many diversified services. Within two years VIDEX became a multifaceted corporation creating Florida's first state-of-the-art 3D Animations, videos, film productions, and offering advertising agency services and graphic workstation sales, in addition to launching a local origination cable TV station (CAT-TV) that served 40,000 homes. By 1991 VIDEX had an impressive client list including the United States Federal Government, ESPN, CNN, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and the Golf America TV Show. VIDEX grew beyond expectations and was a major player in SW Florida media.

In 1994 Joe founded Worldwide Beers, Inc. based in Pompano Beach, Florida. Worldwide Beer imported and marketed Chinese Beers including their own brand Ming Lager.

In 1995, Joe Lenders founded Major Business Corporation which operated National Motor Company, a used vehicle dealership. The company offered sales, financing and warranties on pre-owned vehicles.

In 1997 Joe acquired all the outstanding shares of the thriving VIDEX Corporation from his partners. To months later he sold the VIDEX to National Media Services, Inc. (NMS). The merger placed Joe as Vice President and Creative Services Director of NMS. With Joe at the helm, the company thrived, grossing millions each year. Fortune 500 companies such as Coca-Cola and major cable networks relied on National Media’s award winning staff for national quality work and excellent customer service. NMS was also the largest advertising agency by revenue in the 5-county area.

In 2004 Joe left National Media Services and founded 1Pro Media, Incorporated. 1Pro is a motion picture and new media company that also provides broadcast services for The City of Cape Coral’s cable television station (Cape-TV) on channel 98 on Comcast Cable. The CapeTV operations also include managing an AM radio station at 1610 AM and streaming media VIA internet.

In 2007 Joe founded Gulfcoast Film Partners, LLC (GFP)and acts as its Managing Director. GFP produces and distributes motion pictures. Joe's first self produced movie "Terror Inside" is out on DVD and available at all rental outlets and most major retailers. Joe also was Executive Producer and Editor of "Bikini Beach Race" and Director of “The True Story of an American WWII Veteran” and instrumental in other movies such as “Chill Out” and “No Way Out”.

Along with these businesses, Jozef Lenders also found time to teach high school filmmaking and give seminars on the business of filmmaking around Florida.